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Common questions about SEO

One often hears about its demise - but it is still alive and kicking in 2020. Not everyone clicks (or even trusts) Ads & not all search results are Ad oriented. Done properly, this can have a massive impact on your website traffic.

What Is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation - SEO - is the process of improving various aspects of a website in order to position that site better in organic, or free, search results to deliver new & relevant visitors to the site.

Why invest in SEO?

Not all search results are dominated by paid results & many sites still receive the bulk of their traffic via this "free" traffic. The cost is time to make you more visible than your competitors.

Does SEO still work?

Yes, definitely, but it is getting harder as Google requires more from a site in order to rank it in their search results. You need to put the effort in however it still remains a massive opportunity.

How I Can Help

There are many aspects of good, ethical Search Engine Optimisation. Here are just some of the ways I can help you, as I've helped many happy clients. Find out more about me here. Feel free to connect on LinkedIn too.

Technical SEO
These are the real "nut & bolts" type things. If your website is a house, these are the foundations. You might not be able to see them, but a problem here & the whole thing can collapse. Problems here can hinder all other facets of SEO. Keep the Google algorithms happy!

An in-depth report covering all aspects of SEO - my reviews highlight the fundamental elements of your website's performance that are preventing you from ranking & creation of a plan to solve. Free tools do not provide the level of analysis required.

On-page optimisation
From meta tags to content to usability, on-page optimisation is vital to improving the ability of a site to rank well. On-page determines how you are seen in search results and also why people may, or may not, click on your result.

Link Profile Assessment
Any website needs good quality backlinks to improve visibility in search. Where are yours coming from? How & where are your competitors getting their links from? Does your site have a Google penalty or are there other issues with your backlinks?

Keyword Research
A deep dive to find the best keywords your pages should be optimised to increase relevant traffic. Using specialised software, I'll get these keywords to improve your content & help you rank better for the products or services you offer - not just for who you are.

Website Speed
Your business needs a fast website. Fast sites not only have better rankings, but they also convert better. Don't be stuck in the past with a slow loading site, especially on mobile. I'll explain why it's slow & either optimise directly or work with your dev team.


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