Search Engine Optimisation

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Why SEO matters

In order to be visible in the search results of Google/Bing etc when a prospective customer searches for your product or service, you need to have good SEO in place. Companies spend thousands on their SEO as the traffic they receive from Google is essentially free. You don't pay for this traffic - and most sites receive the bulk of their traffic this way - you're paying for the expertise to be found in the first place. You need to connect with your target audience.

Search Engine Optimisation does take time & does need (almost) constant attention. The goalposts often move, as search engines tweak and alter their algorithms, so even when the bulk of work is done keeping a close eye on things is essential. Also, you could have everything done brilliantly and then a competitor or two (or three) invests in a large SEO project and your rankings start to decline. A good digital consultant will help you ride out these waves by spotting these developments whilst they are happening - not when it's too late.

Long Term Benefits

Below is a real chart from Google Analytics for a social marketing client I worked on in 2017-18. This site had gone through a rebuild/migration & was struggling to recover its previous traffic levels. My optimisation doubled their traffic in a 9 month timescale & continues to grow. (the dip is for Christmas/NY)

This is a good pointer to the eternal question - how long do SEO strategies take? Well, the classic answer is "it depends" but expect at least 4 months before seeing any changes.



These are the real "nut and bolts" type things. If your site's a house, these are the foundations. You might not be able to see them, but a problem here & the whole thing can fall down. Problems here can render all other facets of SEO irrelevant.


An in-depth report covering all aspects of SEO - my audits highlight the fundamental aspects of your site's performance that are preventing you from ranking & creation of a plan to solve. Free tools do not provide the level of detailed analysis required.

On-page Optimisation

From meta tags to content to usability, on-page optimisation is vital to improve the ability of a site to rank well. On-page determines how your site is seen in search results and also why people may, or may not, click on your site.

Link Profile Assessment

Any website needs good quality backlinks in order to improve visibility in search. Where are yours coming from? How & where are your competitors getting their links from? Does your site have a Google penalty?

Keyword Research

A deep dive to find the best keywords your pages should be optimised for to increase relevant traffic. Using specialised software, I'll uncover these gems & help you rank better for the products or services you offer - not just for who you are.

Website Speed

Your business needs a fast website. Fast sites not only rank better, they convert better. Don't be stuck in the past with a slow loading site, especially on mobile. I'll explain why it's slow & either optimise directly or work with your dev team.

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