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Making Google Ads Work For You

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As Google pushes Ads higher and higher up the search engine results pages (SERPs), it's imperative to be visible for your key products or services. The trick is to be visible without wasting money. This is what I do.

If you are struggling to find the right google ads management agency - see how I can help improve your digital advertising and increase your return on investment (ROI).

PPC Marketing is an important part of an ongoing digital marketing strategy to bring you more customers and higher conversion rates.

Budget & Bids

Save money by bidding on the right keywords at the right time to the right audience.

Stand Out

Differentiate your offering with optimised & tested Ads to deliver more sales & leads.

Expand Reach

Improve your paid search visibility across multiple online channels.

Getting The Most From Your Advertising

Google Ads (aka Google AdWords) is an extremely cost-efficient part of digital marketing & really does work, it just needs expert attention & optimising in order to see the benefits & deliver a better ROI. Here are a few reasons how:

Campaign Optimisation
Setup a new PPC campaign properly or fix current campaigns you may be running. Default settings are often wrong & ongoing optimisation is really where the returns are made. Google Ads is ever-changing, keep on top of all the news.

PPC Audits
A deep dive into your account structure, campaign settings, keyword match types, Ad copy itself and many more aspects. Audits are for more complex accounts and those spending over £3000/month generally but can be run on any account.

Ad Copy Freshness
Stand out from the crowd with highly relevant Ads that target users throughout the acquisition process. Better Ads get better click-through rates, which reduce your cost per click. Continuous testing of Ad copy delivers superior results.

Display Advertising
The Google Display Network (GDN) is a huge collection of websites to allow you to reach direct response goals & is great for increased brand awareness. Be seen when clients are in this phase or even looking at competitors, but not yours.

Target, without stalking them, users who have been to your site but not completed a goal with optimally configured re-marketing campaigns or upsell & cross-sell to those who have bought & would benefit from another product or service.

Bid Management
Use Google's machine learning systems to bring your business information fully into the Ad auction to get the most from your pay per click results. The days of settings bids manually keyword by keyword are over. Target CPA & Target ROAS based on your actual conversion data is the way forward.

Google Shopping
An essential channel for any e-commerce site, I can build you highly efficient Shopping campaigns and really dig into Google Merchant Centre to get the most from your feed.

Local Advertising
For businesses offering a service in a particular area or region, local Ads are a great option. Need increased footfall to your shop or offices? Use a local inventory Ad and combine that with an offer based on a specific day or time to see a significant increase in sales or interest.

International Campaigns
Scale your Ads across multiple countries & geographies to reach a more international audience. Fully translated Ads, region-specific promotions or reach & branding awareness if you're expanding beyond your traditional UK market complement your more conventional branding activities.

Advanced Features
Getting the most from Google Ads means delving into the more advanced features that your competitors probably aren't using. Dynamic Search Ads (DSA), IF Customisers, Mobile & Call only specific campaigns, rules-based scripts and demographic-based Ads are just some of the ways I can make you stand out.


I can help your business sell more.