✅ We’re on to WEEK 25(!) of the A to Z of #seo – which means:

🅈 for Yoast SEO

Yoast (named after its founder whose name is pronounced like Toast with a Y according to the legend) is an SEO plugin for WordPress. There’s a fair chance your site runs WP as it has around 35-40% market share of ALL sites out there and if so, there’s another fair chance your site is using Yoast SEO to handle some of the finer points of SEO (as talked about over the last 24 weeks) as WP itself out of the box isn’t that SEO friendly.

Yoast SEO has been downloaded – according to Wikipedia – around 220 million times and has around 5m active installs out there. Phenomenal stats!

(other plugins are available by the way!)

Yoast can help you with various things I’ve mentioned before, such as on-page SEO, title and description tags, XML sitemaps, Knowledge Graph information, Local SEO, canonical tags & Search Console integration – and quite a bit more.

I often look at sites that are running WP (you get to spot them after a while) to see what version of Yoast they are using to give me a heads up about the level of SEO work they may be doing. (don’t at me…) as the version number is in the source code 99% of the time.

Is your site running WP/Yoast combo? Let me know in the comments. Have a great week.