✅ – it’s week 15 of the A to Z of #seo – which means O for…

On-Page 🎯

There are in the main, 3 aspects of SEO. First is the technical, deep stuff, next is the OFF page stuff (primarily links to your site) & lastly, but by no means least is ON page SEO. Critically, YOU can do something about your on-page SEO. Today. Now. Easily.

On page is both visible & not so visible content or information on any given page. Visible is pretty obvious as this is the content you & I can actually read & see, not so visible are things like Metadata – so let’s dive into that.

The main parts of metadata are the <title> & <description> tags. The <title> is the blue line you see in a search result & it’s also the text used when a bookmark is added – it has huge importance for ranking. The <description> tag (sometimes called a snippet) is the 2 lines you see beneath the blue line in a search result. No impact on ranking BUT a HUGE impact on CTR (click-through rates). Writing good tags is an art form, driven by data and ‘gut’ feel.

Other aspects of on-page (content will be a post on its own by the way) are Header Tags (H1 – H6), these are normally the big main/bold headline you see on a page & images (actual name of as well as the Alt tag).

A very useful guide from Moz –  and a good video from Britney Muller (also from Moz) explaining the ins and outs of on-page. There’s much more to it, but this is a good starting off point.