29.02.2020 SEO

The A To Z of SEO

The A To Z Of Search Engine Optimisation

(Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash)

SEO can get complicated, especially on bigger sites, and there are lots of acronyms and terminology to get one’s head around. (plus many myths and misconceptions)

Fear not! Each week, over on LinkedIn, I’ll write a non-geeky guide for 26 of the main things to worry about.

Here are the links to each post:






FFeatured Snippets

GGoogle My Business


IInternal Links


KKnowledge Graph

LLocal SEO

MMobile-First Indexing

NNo Index

OOn Page



Rrobots txt file

SSearch Console

TTitle Tags

UUTM Codes/URL Builder


WWebmaster Guidelines

XXML Sitemaps

YYoast SEO

ZZero Click Searches


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