Grow Your Organic Traffic

The role of Search Engine Optimisation is to get the right pages to rank for the right keywords. Your site is probably getting some organic - or free - traffic from Google and a good SEO plan not only increases this but critically helps to drive more sales or leads by bringing more relevant traffic or visitors to your site.
It is a specialist task that is ever changing due to how search engines continuously update their algorithms. If you ‘did SEO’ three years ago, it will need updating - and fast!
Here is just one real example of the organic traffic growth that can be obtained. Read on for some of the ways I can grow your organic traffic:

chart of organic traffic growth

These are the real "nut and bolts" type things. If your site was a house, these are the foundations. You might not be able to see them, but a problem here and the whole thing can fall down. Something wrong here can render all other facets of SEO irrelevant.


An in-depth report covering all aspects of SEO - my audits highlight the fundamental aspects of your site's performance that are preventing you from ranking and creation of a plan to solve. Free tools do not provide the level of detailed analysis required.


From metadata to content to usability, on-page optimisation is vital to improve the ability of a site to rank well. On-page determines how your site is seen in search results and also why people may, or may not, click on your site.


Any website needs good quality incoming links in order to improve visibility in search. Where are yours coming from? Are they good or spammy? How and where are your competitors getting their links from? A huge reason why they may be outranking you.


A deep dive to find the best keywords your pages should be optimised for to increase relevant traffic. Using specialised software, I'll uncover these gems and help you rank better for the products or services you offer - not just for who you are.


Did you used to receive much more organic, 'free', traffic from Google but are now just getting a fraction of that? Chances are you've been penalised, quite possibly by some shady aspects from the past or maybe a fundamental issue with your new site. I'll find out why and remedy.

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