PPC Consultant

If you’re currently advertising on Google - or thinking of doing so - I can save you money, increase your returns and manage your account for you the correct way. Google Ads (AdWords) does work, but it’s easy to waste your budget and not see the return on investment you need. Don’t be one of those advertisers, be one of the success stories I currently manage like this real example.
Read on for just some of the ways I can improve your pay per click returns


Setup new campaigns properly or fix current campaigns you may be running. Default settings are often wrong and ongoing optimisation is really where the returns are made. Google Ads is ever changing, keep on top of all the new developments.


A deep dive on your account structure, campaign settings, keyword match types, Ad copy itself and many more aspects. Audits are for more complex accounts and those spending over £3000/month generally but can be run on any account if required.


Using specialist software, I'll run advanced A/B testing on all elements of an Ad to statistically find a winner based on the required results. This is repeated and repeated to really drive the finer points of conversions or leads for your account.


For eCommerce clients, I'll setup and manage a fully optimised Shopping campaign to target buyers who are much closer to purchasing a product you sell. Shopping Ads appear above text Ads and comprise an image and a price with a link. Be seen here with the right product at the right time.


The Google Display Network (GDN) is a huge collection websites and properties to allow you to reach direct response goals and is great for branding or awareness. Be visible when potential clients are in this phase or even looking at competitor sites, but not yours.


Target, without stalking them, users who have been to your site but not completed a goal with correctly optimised re-marketing campaigns or upsell and cross sell to those who have bought and would benefit from another product or service.

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