SEO for Small Business

Just because you're a smaller business, doesn't mean you should miss out on expert-level services that some of your bigger competitors might have.

Keeping up with all that is going on in SEO is a drag on your time - have your own in-house consultant without the expense of a full package.

A Single Monthly Fee - £250

Do you wish you had your own consultant available to bounce all your SEO questions off & get quick, expert responses? I offer an affordable service where you get to ask as many SEO questions as you want each month.

Not all clients need a full, bespoke level of SEO but nearly everyone needs a trusted, reliable person to get proper advice from. No more Googling the answer for any issues and wasting your valuable time. Just contact me.

Easily accessible

I'm on hand ay any time to answer your questions. Honest, genuine advice.

No more "what's gone wrong?"

Has something changed with your rankings or traffic and you don't know why? Those days are over.

The right tasks

Each month we'll agree on the right actions for your business.

Online Report

Included in the cost is a fantastic report showing the key improvements in your traffic.

FAQs On This Service

What tasks are covered?

Many daily tasks are covered, such as auditing a page, fixing broken links, rewriting of meta tags, image optimisation and more. Just ask and I'll help.

How does this differ from 'automated' services?

You have access to a real person - a person with considerable experience - with no delegation. This isn't just a simple packaged deal outsourced, it's real SEO - at a smaller scale.

How often can I call?

Anytime! I'm here for you whenever you have a question or if something happens that you're not sure about. You can call, text or email me, I'm around all of the time even at weekends.

Is there a minimum contract term?

No - The great thing about the SMB SEO service is that you can cancel anytime you need to — no questions asked.

Why would I need this?

If you have a smaller, more simple site, say of 25-50 pages and you aren't selling online. For 'full' SEO services, please talk to me and we can decide on which level of service you need.

Do you do PPC too?

Yes! Please take a look at my full PPC service for all things Google Ads (search, display, remarketing, shopping and so on)

How it works

First, let's talk. We'll decide if this is the right level of service for you, or if you need the full SEO service. I won't upsell you - ever, but getting the right fundamentals in place is important for you and me.

We meet up

I'll come to see you for a couple of hours. During this meeting I'll ask you about your business, your goals, competitors and more - so be prepared! Of course, I'll also answer any pressing SEO questions you might have.

I get things done

Each month, as well as answering any ongoing questions you might have, I'll work through the tasks we've agreed upon - diligently and thoroughly. There's no delegation, I'll be doing all the work.

We review

As well as the monthly report, that you can actually access anytime from any browser, we talk about what's next. Does your site need more content, more fixes, more links etc etc. It's very important to keep up.

Your SEO Expert

Since leaving Nokia during 2011, I've been helping businesses just like yours improve their search presence, traffic & rankings. See how I can help you.

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