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Common SEO Services Questions

The phrase "SEO is dead" is one that crops up every now & then, but it isn't true. It changes and evolves. Often. Also, not everyone clicks (or even trusts) Ads & not all search results are Ad dominated. Good, ethical SEO is a must for any business.

What Is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation - SEO - is the process of improving technical & marketing aspects of a website in order to position that site better in organic, or free, search results to deliver new & relevant visitors to the site.

Why Invest In SEO?

Not all search queries are dominated by paid results & many sites still receive the bulk of their traffic via this "free" traffic. The cost is time to make you more visible than your competitors.

Does SEO Still Work?

Yes, definitely, but it is getting harder as a search engine requires more from a website in order to rank it in their organic results. You need to put the effort in however it still remains a massive opportunity.


    To be really successful with SEO, you need to get all three of these aspects singing along together. Note how this is an ongoing process too. Whilst many sites can be improved with a thorough SEO Audit at the outset, once the fixes outlined via this process are implemented, it is the ongoing efforts where the success/results really count. Think of it as 80/20: 80% of the work during the initial phase gets you so far. It's the more forensic/precise work where the great results are to be had. SEO isn't quite 80/20 but it's a very good analogy that most people understand. If you are new to SEO, be sure to read my A To Z posts that I write once a week.


    Getting this piece of the SEO puzzle right is the first step towards better search results. If your site is slow, hard for Google to crawl and understand, has poor navigation, has poor structure, does not work well on mobile devices & is not secure, improving this and this alone would have a big benefit to your site's performance. More detailed items covered here are:

    • Crawlability & Indexation
    • Information Architecture
    • Mobile Usability
    • Robots.txt validation
    • XML Sitemap testing
    • Website Speed

    When an SEO talks about "off-page" we tend to mean links to your site - some people refer to these as backlinks. It can cover Social Media and Brand Mentions, but we're really talking links here. These still play a huge part in Google's algorithm for ranking purposes. Some of the detailed items I work on here are:

    • Link Profile Assessment
    • Backlink History (for Penalty Analysis)
    • Competitive Analysis
    • New Link Building
    • Citation Building (for more 'local' businesses)
    • Anchor Text Evaluation

    If you think of SEO overall as a bowl of soup, the bowl is the structure (technical) and on-page SEO is really the soup itself. You control it, you can make it better by putting in the hard work to improve your content and, importantly, how people find your content once on your site. Some of the detailed aspects covered here are:

    • Content Analysis
    • Duplicate Content Checks
    • Keyword Research
    • Internal Linking
    • Metadata Rewrites (primarily Title & Description tags)
    • Use Of Header Tags
    • Image Optimisation
    • Schema Markup
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Choosing The Right SEO Agency

Let's face it, it's a minefield out there, you need help so you start to search and are bombarded with Ads and a million results. So, how do you choose? Like most things in life, if it looks too good to be true, it probably is. Be wary of terms like "thousands of page 1 keywords ranked" and ask yourself how much interest and volume is there in those keywords. Also, be very aware of agencies claiming to be "Google Certified". There is no Google certification for SEO - there is for PPC but that's a different ballgame. Of course, price is important but do you really think you'll get great services from a £100 per month package? Automated and outsourced services will not give you the help you need. My LinkedIn profile highlights my experience.


The Cost Of SEO Services

When thinking about how much to spend, consider how fast you need to see results and how good (or bad) your current traffic is. SEO is a medium to long term investment and is usually priced on time. I find most clients need 1-2 days a month - often more at the beginning when the heavy lifting is done - but there isn't a hard and fast answer. This is why packages don't usually work. For budgeting purposes, think of 5-10% of your overall revenue, a recent study from a US-based veteran and trusted agency suggests this is a good number. Is this right for you? I don't know - talk to me and we'll find out. If I can grow your traffic by 20-30% in 12 months, what does that mean to you as a business?