✅ It’s week NINE of the A To Z of #seo – so that means… 🎯

𝙄 – for Internal Links

Whilst external links – that is a link from another website to yours – are hard to get, Internal Links are easy to add & is something the majority of websites I look at don’t do enough of! </rant>

An Internal Link is a link you add from one page to another, it’s as simple as that. You control:

◎ The speed, scale & ease of doing this.

◎ Which page you link from & to.

◎ The anchor text you use to link these pages
(Anchor text is the text you would click on to navigate – extra hint, don’t use “Click Here” or “Learn More” – use descriptive text as to what the page is about, good for users & good for Search Engines)

Think of your website like one of those champagne towers you see at weddings. Internal links help the champagne flow down & around your site). This is why people use things like ‘people also looked at’ widgets & so on as well as ‘related posts’ you’ll see from time to time on, say, a blog post.

Got a page you’re trying to rank higher in search? Check ILs to it and add more if low(er than other ‘main’ pages).

Internal Links are great! Use well & use often.