🎯 👓 Eyes down, it’s Week SIX of the #atozofseo

🄵 for Featured Snippets ✅

FS are those things that appear at the top of a Search Result that (usually) answer a question without you having to click through to an actual site. Some say they look like Ads so don’t click, others love to have them (for their sites) and yet more folk say they don’t like them as ‘I don’t get any traffic from it’.

But they do stand out of course… They come in various guises such as paragraphs and lists and up until recently was something people like me tried to get for clients as they got Top 1-3 spots AND had the FS.

This was until very recently and our beloved friends at Google decided to ‘deduplicate’ listings from search results. What this means is that if (before) you had the FS AND the top spot you now get the FS BUT the actual search result (for your site) is demoted to page2. As you can imagine this has caused quite a bit of controversy!

So, which is better? The FS or the Top 1 or 2 spots? You’ll need to test and check the impact of this on your traffic – some people like the FS, others like the result. As ever, it’s a moving target and being aware of this is 1 step toward a conclusion. Good luck out there!