🎯 It’s Week 26 – and the last – week of the A to Z of #seo !!

ℤ – for Zero Click Searches

What are these I hear you say? These are when a Search Results Page (SERP) show results that ‘satisfy the user intent or query’ that don’t need a click through to ANY organic listing. Pos 1, Pos 5 or Pos 65.

You’ve seen these and often, especially on mobile, for things like ‘how’ ‘what’ ‘where’ queries and even for things like weather and song lyrics. In fact a study from 2019 from Rand Fishkin (all-round SEO good guy and very well known and respected) showed that over 60% of Google searches on mobile in the US resulted in ‘zero click’.

There’s – at least – 4 things I’ve spoken about over the last 25 weeks that help (hinder?) this:
➤ BERT – G getting very good at understanding actual intent and language used in a search query
➤ Featured Snippets – blocks of often helpful content high up on SERPs to satisfy the query
➤ Google My Business – look up a company and find their phone number/address/opening hours with no click
➤ Knowledge Graph – deep results using entities to show detailed info all without needing to click

Fear not though, there are billions of searches a day which means hundreds of millions of potential clicks for your SEO campaigns. So go ahead and optimise away!

Link to the study mentioned above.


Well, that’s it – you made it to the end. To see all these posts listed A-Z, please take a look at the main post.

Cheers! Dan