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Losing rankings means losing money. The longer your problem persists, the more work it will take to catch up.

The recovery process for an algorithmic penalty & manual penalties is a specialist task that can take time, but a Google penalty does not mean the end of your website or business. Get in touch for reliable, expert advice.


If search traffic has vanished, you need to take action.

The frequency with which Google changes its algorithms and filters can make it tough to determine if you're stuck in a rut or being penalised. Either way, working with a Google penalty removal service eliminates the guesswork and gets your website back where it belongs.

Types of penalty I can help with are Penguin recovery, Google Panda penalties, duplicate or thin content penalties & the dreaded Google manual action warning.

In-depth diagnosis

Not all traffic drops are due to actual penalties. Before embarking on a long process to recover, you need to be 100% sure have a penalty. I'll tell you which it is.

Backlink audit

Many sites lose traffic due to bad link building practices in the past, I'll audit your links, tidy them up and improve the overall level of your link profile.

Reconsideration requests

Once things are fixed, I write the file that is submitted via Google Webmaster Tools (now Search Console) to get your penalty lifted.

Penalty Recovery Frequently Asked Questions

What are the types of Google Penalties?

There are several - and at different levels - but mainly these are manual or algorithmic penalties.

OK, so what's a manual penalty?

This is when a Google employee decrees your site has violated its guidelines. This is serious and can result in de-listing. It can be fixed though.

...and an algorithmic one?

This is when you've fallen foul of a core algorithm change which could be link or content related or both.

What are Panda & Penguin?

These are Google algorithm changes - Google Panda is primarily content related & Google Penguin covers links.

How long does it take to recover from a penalty?

It does depend on the type of penalty/penalties & severity. Every site is different but 3-6 months roughly.

That's ages what can be done quickly?

If you need some traffic fast, I can build & manage Google Ads/PPC campaigns for you.


Google Penalty Manual Actions

Here is a list from Google Search Console for the 12 types of the most severe penalties that impact search results. Common issues are:

Unnatural Links
Note how there are two of these, links TO your site and links FROM your site. Both these would be classed as Penguin Penalties.
Thin content
This is more Panda related, audit your content and ensure you are not copying and pasting a) all over the web and b) not using common, low-quality text.
Cloaking - Text and Images
This is where your site shows different content to Google's crawler and a normal user. It's very bad practice & is really best avoided.
How this all works

First of all, we talk. I ask you questions such as when this started going badly for you, what you've tried in the past & who did your SEO in the last 5 or 6 years.

What I need

Lots of history, plus access to Google Search Console, Google Analytics (or other platform), access to your website CMS plus any developer details you have. 

The cost

Every site is different - we'll talk about what getting traffic back means to you as a business. As a guide, £1500 to £5000 based on experience over the last 9 years.

Further reading

There are many resources out there - here are three that I recommend looking at. How Google works, Google webmaster guidelines and a list of algo updates from Moz.

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