Expert Help

For Creative & Development Agencies

Working With Agencies

The benefit to you as an Agency owner or director is working with me to fill any gaps you have with any aspects of Search Marketing. Since starting this business I've helped agencies pitch for deals where they need my expertise or enabled them to complement their core services with mine.

Working Your Way

I realise the importance of trust & transparency, so can work with you either as a 'retained consultant', a third party or as one of your own. Either way you get the same level of service and to me, the work is the same. Retainers, one-offs or being on hand at short notice - all have worked over the years.

Search Engine Optimisation

Stuck or bewildered by SEO? I'll help you gain credibility with your clients by building a solid, deliverable plan to optimise any site. My experience means I can talk to clients & developers with the same authoritative yet friendly voice.

Search Engine Marketing

If you have clients asking you to run paid campaigns on Google let me take the strain out of managing these for you as well as delivering great ROI and overall results. If you need advice on what type of Ads would work, I can help too.


I've delivered training to all group sizes as well as 1:1 training for both agencies & their clients. Need to explain why SEO is important to a group of developers or creative types? I'll explain everything in a friendly & approachable way.


I know that being let down by freelancers or external consultants is a terrible experience for you & your clients. If I say something will be done by a certain time then it will. There's no delegation here. Need something urgently? Talk to me directly any time.


I've been in Search for well over 10 years now, previously at Dell & Nokia before starting Not Just SEO in 2011. I've worked on many types of site & across multiple CMS platforms. Take a look at my LinkedIn profile for more information on how my experience can benefit you.


I pride myself on the trust I instil with clients & know that I can deliver the same trust to you. I absolutely will not poach any of your clients & always work with agencies in a calm, determined manner. If you need representation at an important client meeting you can rely on me.

Need ExTERNAL Help?

I can help your agency. Today.